About DiddleDog Flash Fiction
DiddleDog is an eclectic collection of flash fictions—concise narratives under a thousand words that amuse, entertain, and sometimes confound. We publish the works of talented flash writers who enjoy spinning an interesting, compelling, or audacious little tale.
Submission policy update (12/4/12): DiddleDog is currently unable to respond properly to submissions sent to us. Will we read them? Probably. Will we post any of them? Possibly. Will you hear from DiddleDog if we don't post your submission? Unlikely. DiddleDog realizes that this is a dumb policy, but it's the best we can do at this time. —Oz Lancombe
Boardroom Rejection — Samuel Cole
The Long Road — Wayne Scheer
Or — Samuel Cole
Rough N' Tender — Tom Mahony
The Girl Who Cuts His Hair — Dara Cunningham
Harold's Line — Dante Bryce Johns
Evolution — Tom Mahony
Marry Me — Kyle Hemmings
Sun Dancing — Janet Shell Anderson
The Artifice of Eternity — Joshua J. Mark
Pancake — HV Whitehead
Feed Me — Helen R. Peterson
Snow White Was Always My Least Favorite Disney Princess — Mike Makowsky
Carolers — Tom Mahony
The Lie Detector — Len Joy
The Seer — Dante Bryce Johns
FALL 2010
Crystal Ball at a First Grade Carnival — Brock Adams
Dirty Laundry — Paula Sophia Schonauer
American December — Belle Crawford
Recrimination — Ethan Swage
Bible In A Bag — Dante Bryce Johns
The Riders — Michelle Reale
The Cave — Tom Mahony
Twist of Fate — Dietrich Kalteis
Storm — Andy Henion
Permission — Ozzie Nogg
Independence Day — Sally Bunch
The Water Ran Off With Her Dirt — David Aichenbaum
FALL 2009
I Took the Train — Lydia Copeland
Next Stop Rest Stop — Eric Bennett
Dodging Bullets — Kevin Brown
Doctor — Gary Moshimer
Call Me Stone — Tom Mahony
Aubergines — Anna Russell
A Bad Idea — Kelley McDaniel
Birth Control — Stefanie Hafey
Woman With Wadded Band-Aids — Kelly Dulaney
Till Death Do Us Part — David A. Stelzig
About Midnight — Eliza C. Walton
Rules Of The Game — Brandon Kamins
Wanderer Finally Sleeps — Shannon Barber
The Man They Called Milk Chocolate — Andy Henion
Drumsticks — David Erlewine
The Time Mom Lied — Hollie Loveless
Because We Cared — Jon Fain
Saturday Afternoon at Winco — William Garnett
Perfectly Ordinary — John Bruce
Her Flag — Robin Roberts
Office Hours — Ben Nardolilli
Homebound — Liz Hall
Don't Go To Sleep — Shome Dasgupta
Perfect Smoke Rings — Bob Jacobs
Well, I Remember — Crispin Best
FALL 2008
The Right Thing To Do — Paritosh Uttam
Shakespeare In The Dark — Nick Bakshi
Something I Forgot To Tell You When I Was Five And You Were Seven — Nick Bakshi
Frogs — Tai Dong Huai
Girls And Gunpowder — Matt Ryan
The Life Of The Common Man — Jay Gotschall
A Walk In The Fog — Dante Bryce Johns
My Wife Glows In The Dark — Brian G Ross
All She Ever Wanted — Michelle Reale
Swami — Tirumal Mundargi
8:27 — Karen Carlson
The Specialist — Robert Aquino Dollesin
Gleam — Bryan Jones
About My First Novel — Dante Bryce Johns
She Went to the Carnival with this Man — Molly Niendorf
Honey's Sacrifice — Tristan D'Agosta
Miss Butterfly — Tristan D'Agosta
The War on Terror — John Mullen
Dale Bozzio's Fishbowl Bra — J.D. Rizo
One Man's Grind — Eric Payne
The Hangman — Foster Trecost
Church Windows — Isobel McQueen
Acolytes — Christopher Woods
Flashing Lights — Christine Tothill
Truck Tales — Kajsa Wiberg
Snap! — Rupert Merkin
Still Life with Appetite — David Melody
Summer Concerto — Jeff Alan
The Devil Comes at Night — Rohith Sundararaman
Pride and Avarice — Helen Peterson
FALL 2007
Two Stories — Tom Sheehan
Lee Marvin Gets His Ass Kicked in Denver — Nathan Tyree
Baggage Handler — Tay Berryhill
An Actor Prepares — Gary Beck
Merton's Pizza — G David Schwartz
Final Qualifier — Katharine Coldiron
Shuffleboard Games — Judy Cabito
This Year's Toy — Rhonda Parrish
History — Corey Mesler
Since We Were Six — Cindy Kelly
Infidelity — J. Michael Keith
Clean Sheets — Erin McKnight
The Hunter — Marva Dasef
Nothin' Worse — J.A. Tyler
Reflections on the Town Bike — Kathryn Gossow
Lizard and the Tiki Lounge — Julie Ann Shapiro
The Rescue — Aaron Sinkovich
FALL 2006
St. Thomas — Brian Cabrera
Leda — Jack Swenson
Filling My Mother's Shoes — Suzanne Nielsen
Woman Alone: Self Portrait — Stephen Dorneman
A Church Wedding — Allen McGill
Let The World Keep Turning — M.E. Ellis
Home — Cynthia Burke
The Surprising Events of Springtime in Rodchester — J.R. Blackwell
Beulah's Wet Pants — Valerie Borey
Hills Like Pink Elephants — Richard Bruce
Her Place — Denise Kincy
So There — J H Hobson
Refuting La Dolce Vita — Prince Louis Richard II de la Pau
Elevator — Becky Reed
The Conspiracy — Errid Farland
A Little Red Soul — Tomi Shaw
Special — Marva Dasef
Bernard, A Special Case — Will Riley