Lizard and the Tiki Lounge
Julie Ann Shapiro
Lounging lizards know their mark. Never to think of taxes, they bask in the sun, lulled by the music of the swaying palm fronds.
Except the green and yellow backed lizard. He was different. Not content with his lot in life, he took to the Tiki Lounge and its dim lights the way sand takes to the incoming tide.
Days and nights went by for him in the dark near the piano. He'd eat a few scurrying bugs that came his way, and life was good— until another lizard happened onto his turf. She had everything a Tiki Lounge lizard could want; a voice and curvaceous scales. She took to the stage, more gutsy than him, even climbed her way up the mike stand. He watched the other patrons, who seemed mesmerized by the sight of her. Scales and all, she could sing. She sang of tails that go swish, and of long tongues that dart. So sexy, so sexy. He couldn't take it anymore and did what any self respecting lizard would do. He pleaded with the bartender and manager to get a new act, but no one heard him. She had the mike. He slithered out from the hollow under the piano bench and up the mike stand while she just hung there, taunting him with her tail raised high in the air. He raised his too, right next to hers.
Electricity. The lights went on. No longer in darkness, they clung so very close. Frozen chameleons caught in the act.
Julie Ann Shapiro's stories have appeared in Pindeldyboz, Story South, Word Riot, Opium Magazine, ISM Quarterly, Void Magazine, Mad Hatters Review and other magazines. Her serialized novel and story collection are published by Pulp Bits. Website