Well, I Remember
Crispin Best
The eunuch clapped his hands to the beat. He moved his hips in a gentle way. He tapped his foot. Phil Collins was playing the drums and singing. The eunuch looked up at Phil Collins up on stage and clapped his hands.
There was a woman near the eunuch. The eunuch looked at her for a short time. The woman was wearing a black dress. She was wearing a thin gold necklace. The eunuch looked at her. She was wearing glasses with square black frames. She was looking at Phil Collins. She was waving her arms from left to right. She looked good. The eunuch turned and looked at Phil Collins again.
Phil Collins was singing 'Sussudio'. Everyone was moving their body to the song.
There were lights. The lights were many colours. There were bright white spotlights focused on Phil Collins. Phil Collins was in the process of a drum solo. Phil Collins was pulling a face that meant he was very involved in the music. It was a sexual face. The eunuch smiled. He looked at the woman nearby. The woman looked at Phil Collins. The eunuch looked at Phil Collins.
There were strobe lights also. The eunuch had been warned about these when he bought his ticket. He was not afraid of strobe lights. He smiled.
The song finished.
The eunuch cheered. The woman nearby cheered. Everyone cheered. There were maybe 15,000 people and they all cheered. The eunuch imagined he was cheering louder than anyone. He shouted. He put his hands in the air and he clapped and clapped.
Phil Collins stood up from behind his drum kit. People stopped cheering. Phil Collins was talking,
— So. I wrote this song a long time ago.
People cheered again.
— I wrote it on a boat.
The eunuch imagined writing a song on a boat. He looked at Phil Collins. Phil Collins said,
— Some of you might know it.
Phil Collins said,
— Oh!
And the eunuch realized that a drum machine had already started, even though Phil Collins wasn't playing his drums.
The eunuch saw a man on the left hand side of the stage starting to play the keyboard. The eunuch recognized the chords. He knew what they meant. He looked at the woman nearby. Her eyes were closed. She had her hands on her cheeks.
Phil Collins walked towards the front of the stage. He was moving very slowly. He started to sing. He sang,
— I can hear it coming in the air tonight.
His voice had some kind of computer effect on it. It echoed a lot. It was good. Phil Collins' voice was gentle but loud. It filled the arena. The eunuch looked to his right. There was a man and a woman. They were both wearing white t-shirts with 'Phil Collins' written in blue, and Phil Collins' face, also blue. They were hugging each other and crying. The eunuch looked at them for a while. The were crying all over each other.
Phil Collins sang,
— Oh lord.
Phil Collins looked at everyone in the front row. He walked up and down the front of the stage. His stare was very intense. The eunuch thought that it seemed like he was singing to each of them personally. The eunuch wished he was in the front row. He looked at the woman nearby. Her eyes were open now. She had one hand on her chest. The eunuch wanted her to look at him. He would tell her that he wished he was in the front row. He would tell her that.
Phil Collins was still singing. The keyboard was still playing gently. Another man near the keyboard player was playing an electric guitar.
Phil Collins turned around. He started to walk back towards his drum kit. Everyone knew what this meant. People looked at each other and bit their lips. The woman nearby didn't look at the eunuch. She still had her hand on her chest. She was looking at Phil Collins' back as he walked towards his drum kit.
Phil Collins sang,
— I've been waiting for this moment all my life.
Phil Collins sat behind his drum kit. He was still singing. He didn't have a normal microphone. He had a headset. He needed his hands free so that he could play the drums. Everyone knew why he was sitting behind his drums. He had been singing for three and a half minutes. Phil Collins picked up his drumsticks. Everyone knew what happens in the song 'In the Air Tonight' after three minutes and forty seconds.
The eunuch knew. The eunuch wanted the woman nearby to look at him. He wanted to talk to her. He wanted the wires attached to Phil Collins drum kit to lift Phil Collins and his drums into the air like they had earlier in the set when Phil Collins was playing 'True Colours' and he wanted Phil Collins and his drum kit to swoop towards them. And he wanted Phil Collins to hang there, playing the drums. And he wanted Phil Collins to sing to them and to look at them just like he looked at the people in the front row and then, as an ad lib, in a break between two lines, he wanted Phil Collins to say,
— You two make a lovely couple.
And then the woman nearby would look at the eunuch.
Phil Collins lifted his hands into the air. The people took a breath. They knew what was about to happen. The eunuch took in some air. He looked at the woman nearby. He wanted her to look at him. The couple the other side of the eunuch were still holding each other and crying. They both took in air to breathe. The eunuch looked up at Phil Collins. The lights went low for a moment. They were ready. Phil Collins brought his drumsticks down.
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